Combating racism against Roma and Sinti


The webinar will discuss the state of affairs and progress made by relevant stakeholders in the area of combating racism against Roma and Sinti. It will also identify continuing challenges.


Within the 1990 Copenhagen Document, the OSCE participating States clearly and unequivocally condemned totalitarianism, racial and ethnic hatred, anti-semitism, xenophobia and discrimination against anyone – in this context they have recognized the particular problems of Roma.

The 2003 OSCE Action Plan on Roma and Sinti is built on the central goal of combating racism and discrimination against them and recommends States and OSCE institutions and structures to implement on a wide scale of measures in this regard.

Three other Ministerial Council decisions on Roma and Sinti emphasize the principle of eradicating racism against the Roma and ensuring they are able to play an equal part in their societies, one free of discrimination.


Micro Grants Funding workshop on Mon 8th May

This workshop is part of a mentored developmental support program  provided by Migrant Community Network which will assist you access information & resources to apply for this fund.

Leeds Community Foundation has launched a new initiative for the city, The Leeds Fund. This shows our values and vision of creating a city of opportunity for all and will award small and large grants to reach communities across Leeds

The Micro Grants fund seeks to provide community grants that will support locally-based community activity across the city.

You can apply as an individual or a small group (income of the group must be under £5,000 per year).

You will know best what is needed in your community, but examples might include developing a new community garden; personal development workshops; skill development classes or activities that teach new skills and encourage independence and inter-generational   activities.

You must be based in Leeds and be benefiting Leeds residents.

You can apply for grants of up to £500

Fund Criteria
Applications must be able to show that they are addressing a specific need in the community. Applications are invited from individual people who are community activists / social entrepreneurs or groups with a turnover of under £5,000 looking to develop and / or implement ideas that benefit Leeds residents.

¨ Publicity, Capital (items such as equipment) and Revenue (running costs) projects will be considered

¨ The grants can be used to extend a current scheme / project or introduce a new idea / activity / pilot

¨ Applications should be for 50% – 100% of the overall project cost

¨ Organisations must be both based in Leeds and benefiting residents of Leeds You will know best what is needed in your community, but examples might include developing a new community garden; personal development workshops; skill development classes or activities that teach new skills and encourage independence; inter-generational activities.

We are not able to fund the following:

¨ Activities that promote political or religious beliefs or are sponsorship / fundraising events

¨ Groups or activity based outside Leeds

¨ Funding for activity that has already happened

¨ Private sector businesses or statutory organisations

¨ Activities that will only benefit one person, or a very small number of people

To join the workshop and get assistance with this fund:

Mon 8th May 2017

2pm — 5pm

Reginald Centre, Chapeltown Road, Leeds

Book your appointment with Shafique Sheikh, Lead Networker

07762 633432

Anti Racism Day-21st March 2015

DEMO: UN Anti Racism Day 21 March 2015

Stand up to racism and fascism #m21

No to scapegoating immmigrants

No to Islamophobia

No to anti-Semitism

Yes to Diversity

Saturday 21 March 2015

March and rally organised by Stand up to racism

Assemble 12 noon central london followed by rally in Trafalgar Square

Far right and fascist organisations are gaining support across Europe including in Britain.  Scapegoating immigrants for the fall in living standards, economic problems and austerity has provided the cutting edge for the growth of the far-right, racism and fascism.

Across the globe the promotion of fear and hatred of Muslims  and Islam is continuing, creating a climate of Islamophobia that is directly leading to violent attacks on Muslim people and mosques, and other communities such as Sikh and Hindu people. Anti Semitic attacks have also coincided with a growth in support for fascism. African and Caribbean communities continue to experience racism as seen with the killing of Michael Brown in the USA.

In 2014, 10,000 people marched in central London for  UN Anti-Racism day which commemorates the anniversary of the Sharpeville massacre in Apartheid South Africa.  It was part of a series of demonstrations across Europe and around the world.

Many organisations will be coming together again on 21 March 2015 to reject racism, Islamophobia and anti-Semitism; to celebrate diversity and make migrants welcome, to demonstrate our confidence in a future free of scapegoating, racism and hatred, and to remember Nelson Mandela and cherish the idea for a free and democratic society in which all persons live together in harmony and equal opportunities.

£40m health injection for England

The National Lottery Community Fund Blog

Today we announce £40 million of additional funding to top up our existing investment in Well-being. The new funding will be channelled into initiatives that increase physical activity, improve eating habits and tackle mental health across the country, targeting areas, groups and people experiencing the starkest health inequalities.

Projects we’ve funded over the years have done, and continue to do, amazing work to support people affected by obesity, unhealthy diet and inactive lifestyles and also those experiencing anxiety, depression, dementia or other mental health issues.

One prime example is Age UK’sFit as a Fiddle programme. The programme is designed to encourage lifestyle changes and during its five years of BIG funding, 26 different projects have been delivered across England by over 400 community organisations, including 100 local Age UKs.

Over the six years Fit as a Fiddle has been in operation, the team has got close to 275,000 more…

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Muslim Women’s Safeguarding Training @ Hamara Leeds


Pria Bhabra, Migrant Community Network Project Leader commented

It’s an excellent opportunity as it’s with a professional facilitator from outside Leeds.

The training course runs for one day per week over a six week period.

The delivery venues are:

  • Echo centre LS8 starting on the 7th February
  • Hamara Centre LS11 starting on the 19th February

For more information please contact:


HEART Valentines Ball

heart valentine ballHeadinley Enterprise & Arts Centre is venue for People in Action 30 year Valentines celebration. The event is open to everyone and tickets are available from the People In Action office or by calling 0776 613 5115.

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