Combating racism against Roma and Sinti


The webinar will discuss the state of affairs and progress made by relevant stakeholders in the area of combating racism against Roma and Sinti. It will also identify continuing challenges.


Within the 1990 Copenhagen Document, the OSCE participating States clearly and unequivocally condemned totalitarianism, racial and ethnic hatred, anti-semitism, xenophobia and discrimination against anyone – in this context they have recognized the particular problems of Roma.

The 2003 OSCE Action Plan on Roma and Sinti is built on the central goal of combating racism and discrimination against them and recommends States and OSCE institutions and structures to implement on a wide scale of measures in this regard.

Three other Ministerial Council decisions on Roma and Sinti emphasize the principle of eradicating racism against the Roma and ensuring they are able to play an equal part in their societies, one free of discrimination.