HEART Valentines Ball

heart valentine ballHeadinley Enterprise & Arts Centre is venue for People in Action 30 year Valentines celebration. The event is open to everyone and tickets are available from the People In Action office or by calling 0776 613 5115.

People in Action (Leeds)UK

Oxford Chambers

Oxford Place



Telephone:  01132470411

Fax:              01132346116

Mobile:       07725973299

Improving the lives of people with learning difficulties and disabilities

Website:       www.peopleinaction.org.uk

Facebook:  www.facebook.com/peopleinaction

Twitter:         @PeopleInAction

Registered Charity No:  701434Company Limited by Guarantee registered in England and WalesCompany No:  2361654

If you would like to donate on line  please do so by clicking on the link below:


Our Patrons:

The White Stuff Leeds http://www.whitestuff.com

Terry George http://www.terrygeorge.co.uk


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