Anti Racism Day-21st March 2015

DEMO: UN Anti Racism Day 21 March 2015

Stand up to racism and fascism #m21

No to scapegoating immmigrants

No to Islamophobia

No to anti-Semitism

Yes to Diversity

Saturday 21 March 2015

March and rally organised by Stand up to racism

Assemble 12 noon central london followed by rally in Trafalgar Square

Far right and fascist organisations are gaining support across Europe including in Britain.  Scapegoating immigrants for the fall in living standards, economic problems and austerity has provided the cutting edge for the growth of the far-right, racism and fascism.

Across the globe the promotion of fear and hatred of Muslims  and Islam is continuing, creating a climate of Islamophobia that is directly leading to violent attacks on Muslim people and mosques, and other communities such as Sikh and Hindu people. Anti Semitic attacks have also coincided with a growth in support for fascism. African and Caribbean communities continue to experience racism as seen with the killing of Michael Brown in the USA.

In 2014, 10,000 people marched in central London for  UN Anti-Racism day which commemorates the anniversary of the Sharpeville massacre in Apartheid South Africa.  It was part of a series of demonstrations across Europe and around the world.

Many organisations will be coming together again on 21 March 2015 to reject racism, Islamophobia and anti-Semitism; to celebrate diversity and make migrants welcome, to demonstrate our confidence in a future free of scapegoating, racism and hatred, and to remember Nelson Mandela and cherish the idea for a free and democratic society in which all persons live together in harmony and equal opportunities.

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